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5 simple ways to know if you are really BEAUTIFUL*

Dictionary’s Definition

a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight

Society’s Definition

a human with clear skin, white teeth, wears his/her hair a certain way and also dresses the way media influences and society accepts

Wondering what’s with the asterisk on the word BEAUTIFUL in the title? What conditions would we be thinking of applying to the use of this globally understood, accepted and used word?
Well, what if I tell you (cross my heart and tell you) that at least for me and I hope for many many women (and men alike) all across, the definition that the world has associated with it is absolutely, completely WRONG. What’s wrong? Kindly re-refer to the dictionary definition, the fact that even the dictionary associates the word with physical attributes just justifies all the insecurities women (and men alike) are faced with, everyday.

Not going into much philosophy over who I define as beautiful, here I list down 11 ways to know if you are really, truly BEAUTIFUL

1. Firstly and most importantly, you are BEAUTIFUL if you are HAPPY. You don’t have to ‘look’ beautiful, you have to feel BEAUTIFUL. Easier said than done? Wake up tomorrow morning and start your day by listening to your favorite playlist or do your favorite dance routine, or if you are feeling too lazy just call up your loved one and tell them you love them. I can’t guarantee but I hope that smile you will get on your face will make you feel BEAUTIFUL. You don’t need to cross check what you feel by going through the ‘mirror-routine’.

2. Doesn’t end only at being happy but if you are ready to share that HAPPINESS with everyone you cross your path with. Well, like they say, smile is contagious. Wouldn’t even you knowing, you would be making a positive difference in others’ lives – with whatever you have – your beauty.

3. Do you have a goal in mind? Are you working towards it with all your heart? Do you feel focused and with that focus are you energized, inspired? If yes, dear reader, you are one step closer to being more BEAUTIFUL than you are today!

4. Being comfortable in your own skin. Yes, that each freckle, every scar, every ounce of flesh in your body – have you embraced them? Don’t you spend too much time, energy and not to forget, money, to build your own house (not to forget the many subscriptions of Better Homes and Gardens)? And, how much time did you spend on just being at home with yourself? Well, if you have then congratulations BEAUTIFUL reader!

5. Charity begins at home, right? Be kind. But first, be kind to yourself. Appreciate your qualities and accept your flaws alike. Give yourself credit for who you are and what you plan to be. Very obvious but you need to be reminded – you are YOUR property! Take care of yourself. Here, I’m reminded of this quote from the movie – The Help what all of us need to repeat everyday – ‘You is KInd, You is Smart, You is Important’.

You might think I’m crazy if I tell you the above points are just pointless! You don’t need a guide to know you are Beautiful because you are. You just need one to remind yourself of it 🙁

Aayushi Kapadia

Team Admyrin