Monthly Archives: February 2015

The Wow Lookbook

We wouldn’t be boasting, if we said:

The Wow Lookbook is, by far, one of the prettiest collections of colorful Kurta and Palazzo combinations, in the whole world!

These beautifully crafted pairs feature exciting digital prints, interesting mix of fabrics in sporty colors and long trendy kurtas.

We thought, it might be just perfect, if we added this to our timeline to record our major milestone in fashion. So, enjoy folks and don’t hesitate to shop because we are giving away Extra 30% Discount on this collection if you use the Discount Voucher Code SPECIAL30

AY-ES-WL-1251 AY-ES-WL-1251_sec1 AY-ES-WL-1251_sec2 AY-ES-WL-1251_sec3 AY-ES-WL-1251_sec4 AY-ES-WL-1252 AY-ES-WL-1252_sec1 AY-ES-WL-1252_sec2 AY-ES-WL-1252_sec3 AY-ES-WL-1252_sec4 AY-ES-WL-1252_sec5 AY-ES-WL-1252_sec6 AY-ES-WL-1253_sec1 AY-ES-WL-1253_sec2 AY-ES-WL-1253_sec3 AY-ES-WL-1254 AY-ES-WL-1254_sec1 AY-ES-WL-1255_sec2 AY-ES-WL-1255_sec3 AY-ES-WL-1255_sec4 AY-ES-WL-1255_sec5 AY-ES-WL-1256 AY-ES-WL-1256_sec1 AY-ES-WL-1256_sec2 AY-ES-WL-1256_sec3 AY-ES-WL-1256_sec4 AY-ES-WL-1257 AY-ES-WL-1257_sec1 AY-ES-WL-1257_sec2 AY-ES-WL-1257_sec3 AY-ES-WL-1253