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Making the most from our offers

This article is now obsolete. Some or all offers mentioned on this page may not be current.

We often receive calls on which coupon to use and when. We have also found that many times customers use a certain coupon which either does not apply to the product they are buying or they do not use a coupon that could enable a larger discount. We offer coupons and promotions because we want the customers to use them to get great prices on our products. We want you to make the most from our offers.┬áSo here’s a quick guide on our current offers:

Discount Voucher: Registration Discount of upto 20% Off

We issue 4 coupons to the customers when they register on our website. Each of these coupons can be used only once. These coupons are valid on about 80% of the products available on our site. The only products on which they are not valid are those products, where we really can’t offer an additional discount. So, rest assured, if any of these 4 coupons are not valid on some product, trust us, that is probably the best price you will find either online or offline.

Discount Voucher: Bridesmaid’s Choice of 22% Off

Coupon Code: BRIDAL22

If you select any product from the Bridemaid’s Choice section of our website, naturally, you should be using the above mentioned coupon code. Now, if you use one of the Registration time discount vouchers, you lose out on a minimum of 2% discount, since, the discount available by using the above code is greater than the one available by using the Registration-time discount coupons. Use those Registration-time coupon codes for other products.

Discount Promotion: Buy a F*nk Sari for Extra 5% Off

This discount applies to your cart if you buy 2 or more items and one of the items in your cart is a F*nk Sari. This is an Extra 5% Off, over and above any other discount you get from coupon codes or via any other promotion. You do not need any coupon code for this promotion.

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