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Rolemodels 2013 – a joint effort by Young Women Club and


“Rolemodels 2013” – a fashion show – was organized on August 31 2013, at Iscon Mall, Surat by the joint efforts of YWC and Admyrin.Com to spread awareness amongst women that ages-and-stages of life are irrelevant if you have the spark within you. The event provided a platform to encourage the Indian women to fulfill their dreams and ambitions.

This event was a one-of-a-kind, since all the key-personnel involved in this fashion show were housewives and working mothers, including the designers, the models and the hosts.

Team Admyrin is deeply committed to providing a platform to talented women fashion designers and homemakers who design fashionable objects, to sell their creations worldwide. If you would like to speak to us, please drop us a message at

Young Women Club (“YWC”), has a staunch motto of empowering women, imparting knowledge and providing exposure to various genres of life, Keeping our motives subtle and suitable to the Indian society, we help not just others but also ourselves.

Venus Photo Express launched the calendar of YWC members/models during the event. (Calendar Link)

To checkout the complete photo gallery, please visit our Gallery on Facebook.